Malia, Nevada

Malia, Nevada

What defines you?

For me, it’s my family and friends because they keep me motivated, me striving for my dream to see the world and for me to reach my true potential.

Is your body your perfect dress?

Yes and no, although I do admire my body and what it does for me, I do have my days when I wish I could change my dress. And on those days I stay in front of my mirror and remind myself of the beauty of every curve, stripe and dimple on me. It’s my body and what makes me unique.

Do you remember when you first felt your sexuality?

Um, yeah, I was around maybe 5, 6, when I had my first crush on a boy, and it took off from there.

How do you identify your gender?

I identify as female.

What do you love/hate the most in the concept of clothes?

I love all of the possibilities and ways you can mix and match clothes to make them for your personality, to be able to create your own style. But I dislike the inconsistency in sizing and how every brand size is never really the same, that can be really frustrating.

Would you rather exist nude or dressed up?

Dressed up because I’m able to express myself to show how I’m feeling for that day. You can’t do that if you’re nude.

For women, which men’s clothing would you love to wear more often?

Personally, I just love suits. I love the way you’re able to dress them up or down, I like that you’re able to make them casual, formal or more fashionable by adding or taking away a few accessories and/or shoes.

Should there be male and female fashion, or all unisex?

I believe that people should be able to wear what they feel confident and comfortable wearing. In my opinion, if we keep female and male categories, it allows more variety in styles, because unisex clothing can mean the risk of losing individuality.

Name your favorite kinds of clothes.

I love art to wear because I can be comfortable and still dress it up to make myself feel good.

Do you express yourself through clothes, or you don’t give a fuck and just wear something on?

I almost always dress to express myself. I have days where I feel sexy, and I’m going to dress that way so you know it. And I have days where I like I don’t give a fuck because that day I may not have.

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