To all our international friends and colleagues. We’re fighting at our best. But there is something you can also do to help for the war to stop. We’ve gathered the easiest ways to #STOPputin and #StandWithUkraine:

🔹 Spread only official info on the war @svidomi_eng,
It helps to combat misinformation and disinformation

🔸 Protest
Claim your government to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine and cut Russia off the SWIFT

🔹 Donate to Ukrainian army, special NBU Account for raising funds
It helps our armed forces to be more equipped and safe

🔸 Donate to nonprofits
It helps for organizations to make a difference: @razom.for.ukraine,

🔹 Use your voice
It helps to raise and spread awareness and puts pressure on International politicians who can stop just talking

Glory to Ukraine!
Українці, ми зробимо все, щоб зберегти нашу державу, Слава Україні!