Landria, Nevada

Landria, Nevada

What defines you?

My name is Landria, but I do go by as «Lae», and to be honest, I never define myself because I don’t limit myself. But if I would, I would say my style, my personality, my voice, my not so perfect smile. I’m far from the average person but I easily attract the average person. I’m. The person that is kind to the people that is ignored, or I give to the ones that never had a chance.

Is your body your perfect dress?

My body is my perfect dress. Every scar, every mole, my skin complexion, I mean, honestly what can I say besides my genetic makeup is one of a kind.

Do you remember when you first felt your sexuality?

I remember first time I felt my sexuality. I never found men attractive, women always caught my eye. It started as early as pre-k, I found this girl attractive who was way older than me, but I’ve been a lesbian before I knew what sexuality was.

How do you identify your gender?

I identify as a female with androgynous wearing all over me.

What do you love/hate the most in the concept of clothes?

The concept of clothes that I dislike the most is the way that they build it to target a certain body frame that most of us do not have. When you wear clothes you want to look beautiful and feel beautiful, not to really impress the next person, you know. You want to be confident in it.

Would you rather exist nude or dressed up?

I would rather walk around being nude and being grateful for the body I was blessed with, just knowing someone else does not have this same exact body. It’s like, how can I not be proud of it and want to show it off?

Do you wear male clothes?

I wear men’s clothing very often, basically almost every day. Sweatpants, jeans, even underwear, but I’m not afraid to step into a woman’s pair of jeans to express my creative side. I love it all.

Should there be male and female fashion, or all unisex?

Fashion should be unisex for a fact. Everyone should be able to embrace fashion and not be judged because of their gender.

Name your favorite kinds of clothes.

Ooh, my favorite kind of clothes to wear is a slim-fitted ripped washed blue jean, normal colored Chelsey boot, nice fitted turtleneck and a flannel, top that off with a fedora hat, that sounds like a nice way to me.

Do you express yourself through clothes, or you don’t give a fuck and just wear something on?

I express myself in every way. I am just too spontaneous to stick to one way. I have facial piercings, tattoos, I dress dominant, some days I dress feminine, some days I match, some days I put random colors and patterns together. That’s what I’d rather feel that day but it still looks nice.

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