Elisabeth, California

Elisabeth, California

What defines you?

All my choices. I’m single, I’m 25 years old, I left my country and left my parents. I love art, I am an art and I am an artist. My friends, people around me. How I feel myself in nature, how I love nature, how I’m taking care of the better future.

Is your body your perfect dress?

It is. It definitely is a perfect dress for me now and used to be the last few years, but haven’t been like that… I’m grateful for all what I felt before, but it was wrong, I couldn’t accept some things in my body, I was so stressed when I was a kid, and when went to modeling industry, but after a while you realize that your body is perfect, perfect and made for you and just for you, and you should love it and treat it as the best dress in your life.

Do you remember when you felt your sexuality the first time in your life?

Um, I don’t remember, I remember like even in kindergarten, but I also enjoy everyone… I don’t know. My sexuality. That’s a hard question for me.

How do you identify your gender?

As a woman. There are so many different feelings that we have that guys don’t have; I see a difference between genders. I accept everyone and everyone’s choices but I definitely am a woman.

Would you rather exist nude or dressed up?

I hate heels and … It’s hard for me to think what I hate in like dresses, skirts. If it’s a good size for me, it’s the most important. Everything can be fitted well and can fit pretty bad and uncomfortable, and ruin your mood. But I think the most important is how the clothes fit, if they’re comfortable, if the fabric is good. The most comfortable one is probably linen for me. But I don’t wear it often besides my place, I have like a few different suits from linen for outside, but not much. I would rather exist in clothes. I love my body and I love to be naked, but clothes, it is an art, you know… Whatever you put on on your body it’s your imagination, you can play with it, you can show your mood, what you’re feeling. So I think life without design, without clothes would be so boring.

Which men’s clothes do you like to wear?

It’s gonna be so simple, I like men’s sweaters, and shirts of course. I think, um, quarter, yeah, quarter of my wardrobe is my exes’ clothes. I don’t know why I still keep it but I have like a lot of sweaters from guys, and I like to go on hikes and wear them. It makes you feel protected and comfy when you’re in your guy’s clothes. I don’t know why but I think most girls like the same thing.

Should there be male and female fashion, or all unisex?

I think there’s room for all of that. There’s room for unisex clothes, there’s room for women’s clothes, and there’s room for men’s clothes, and we all should wear whatever we want to. I’m not saying that men can be wearing women’s clothes, it’s bad to do labels and put them on clothes. As I said before it’s a way of showing how artist-y you are. There is no judgment in it for sure.

Name your favorite kinds of clothes.

My favourite type of clothes. Maxi dress and sweater or something on top of it. Also just oversized suits. I love oversized suits. And I feel really comfortable being in high-waisted long white pants and just in a bra. I feel like I’m in California now, but yeah, I need those three types of clothes in my closet, and I’ll be fine.

Do you express yourself through clothes, or you don’t give a fuck and just wear something on?

I do, I do express myself with what I’m wearing, always. When I’m not giving a fuck what I’m wearing, it is some way of expressing myself – expressing that I’m tired or I wanna hide myself from other people, or I need to be comfy cause I’m traveling and I don’t give a fuck what people around think about me. But it is expression for sure.

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